Sunday, October 10, 2010

come on dude!

About half an hour ago me, my brother Joe and a kid we just met named Cameron were playing road hockey in my grandma's long, but thin driveway.
Me and Cameron were scoring alot of goal at the start but Joe wasn't warmed up enthen me and Joe were working together, but eventuly Joe was play defence but he had to eas up because Cameron wanted some shots enthen I just keped blasting my sweet slapshot in... enthen Iwas goalie and when Joe and Cameron were both trying to score on me I made an amazing save infact a couple one Cameron took a shot Joe tiped it enthen I stuck my pad out and made the save. But when we were playing a game called hog I didn't get many shots and I wasn't good. And then Joe went back in net and we played hog again but one time Cameron got an early start on the faceoff and he went on to win.
And here's the come on dud part so we were playing with checking and he won but that's not it he had 15 penaltys that sould have been called but Joe had his eye on the ball most of the time but it's not that either only three of those 15 penaltys that sould have been called and suprizeingly I never really got hurt.
And bloger won't let me get a picture but you can see it on my profile.

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