Friday, April 30, 2010

Will the Jays have the most homers at the end of the Season?

The Toronto Blue Jay hitters have been solide as yesterday John Buck went yard 3 time, and was one homers away from tieing Carlos Delgado`s big night when he hit 4 and that`s only how many you can drive in with a GRAND SLAM!

And hopefully me and my best freind will go yard on our opening day wich is Monday, May 3rd at 6.00 pm.

But Sadly were not on the same team.

And in the third game we hafe to play each other!

And on my opening day I hafe to face two of my classmates and one of my classmates in my teammate!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Toronto turning into Montreal?

Are the Toronto Blue Jays Blue Jays turning into the Montreal Expos? Because the don't have eney fans (not lidarully).

But when they play Baltimore in July in Toronto their sould be more fans then expected because me, my brother, my dad and maybe my mom. And Detroit is gonna have more fans because I'm going to the seris before the one in Toronto against Baltimore.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wellcome to Carknervillle

After Ottawa Senators Defenceman Matt Carkner scored the game winning on a slapshot the, fighter who`s allmost 30 is a local hero saving Ottawa`s playoff hope`s and now Ottawa acccomplished 2 goals making the playoffs and finishing better the Maple Leafs, but we still have 1 more goal to accomplish, bringing loard Stanley to Ottawa for the first time ever in franchise history!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Canada`s only MLB team is off to a fast start

The only MLB team in Canada the Toronto Blue Jays are off to a great start after beating the Texas Rangers in a three game seris on the road 2-1. And even in the first game the allmost sent it to extra innings after Shawn Marcum pitching 7 full innings giving up 3 runs but in the bottom of the ninth Jason Frasor gave up 2 runs giving the Rangers the win.

And in three games Vernon Wells has 4 homers.

And the Jays will try to keep-up their 2 game winning streak today against the Orilles.