Friday, February 5, 2010

Posey going to get some action at Shorstop in spring?

Last week the San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins tried to imagine Buster Posey pulling a Craig Biggio in order to save his knees or to keep busy or to allow Bengie Molina. Today we hear from Andrew Baggarly that the notion may not merely be the stuff of Bruce Jenkins' fantasies.

I'de give him him a chance be side`s if dosen't go well take em out and if he has a secondary Postion see if that work`s just like sometimes Willie Pena is in for Derek Jeter and he could play second.
Shortstop? Hey, why not? As someone who has no vested interest in how the Giants do or how Buster Posey develops, I'd love to see it because it's different and different is good, and the more Posey the better.Still, the guy is a plus defensive catcher who can hit and those guys don't just fall out of the sky like rain and airplane engine parts, so it may not be the best move in terms of optimal asset utilization.

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