Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Canada vs. Norway

Sidney Crosby will start on line one with Rick Nash and Patrice Bergeron.
Crosby win`s the face off Bergeron break away stoped by Luongo back into Norway zone back to Canada and faceoff. Faceoff won by Norway another faceoff and snared by Luongo in the corner and out out to centre high and wide Niedermayer Norway has it now Cnada dos and now Norway dumped in by Norway blocked shot Cnada Marleau mist tipped into Norway into Canada now Norway has it Stall mist and a faceoff. Cnada dumped it in Toews mist Richards get`s it in Nash tryed to dump it in Norway has it now Canada Weber stoped Keith get`s it in Thorton to Marleau to Heatly Canada has it in their zone and faceoff because of a Canada penalty. Canada get`s it out and Canada get`s it out Norway into the zone Toews shorthanded blocke Norway dump`s it in and Norway get`s it over the Glass. Canada get`s it out and faceoff dumped in by Norway icing Canada faceoff and another. Canada in and it`s out to centre Canada in Norway `s zone and shut down and covered up. Chipped in by Canada offside. Icing Canada. Icing. Into the Norway zone Canada in Heatly wide.

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