Sunday, January 3, 2010

win and help

This game stared with a touch and Roethlisberger thru a complete pass to Mike and Heins Ward and Mendenhall got a run.And Roethlisberger got sacked.And a great pass to Miller for a big gain and a big run.And Mendenhall fought his way to a first down and geting them in-side the Red-zone and Mendenhall got about a yard.Roethlisberger to Ward to the 10.Medenhall first down in-side the 10.Mendenhall about 2 yards.Incomplete to Miller in the back of the End-zone.TOUCHDOWN Pittsburgh Santonio Holmes 1 yard run to the house.Jeef Reed Extra Point is good.

Miami player tackled at his own 35.First down Miami.Henne about 8 yard gain on pass.First down Ricky Williams.Henne incomplete pass.Henne about a 5 yard gain.First down in-sidethe Steelers 30.5 or 6 yard gain on run for Miami.First down to Pittsburgh 11.TOUCHDOWN Miami BOO.Extra Point Miami.
Kick return to his own 33.Timeout Miami.Mendenhall to 39.Incomplete to Ward.Roethlisberger just short of first down.4th and inches.First down Pittsburgh.Mendenhall 2 or 3 yards.Roelisberger over mid field from his own 44 inside the five to the Rookie Mike Wallice touchdown.Reed Extra Point is good.
25 to 30 on kick Return.About to 36 for Miami at the end of the first quarter.A few Yards on run for Williams.First down Miami on passing play.5 or 6 yards gained holding Pittsburgh first down Miami.Incomplete.Another first down for Miami.Complete pass Taylor tackle`s him Williams a few yards.Over the middle to the 11.Williams to the 9.Williams to about the seven.Knocked down by William Gay at the goal line.Field goal is good Miami.14-10 Pittsburgh.
Injury sufred from pass.
Logan from the five out near mid field.Parker first down.Parker about 5 yards.Miller first down.Miami penalty declined.Roelisberger fumbled or did he.Pittsburgh Challenge`s because there reviewing if his arm got ahead.
I think it was incomplete.It`s incomplete.
Mendenhall from the Miami 32 to the six.
Dolphins call timeout.
Parker to about the 4.Tipped up at the goal-line.Incomplete to Moore.Field is good for Reed from 22 yards out on fourth & goal.
Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Miami Dolphins 10.
Miami put`s the knee down.INTERCEPTION Townsend!Roelisberger to Holmes Holmes Picked off!
Williams to about the 28.About a yard shy of the first down.First down Miami Henne under trouble throw`s to Williams behind the line.Pass to Mid field.Williams out of bounds.
Two minute Warning.
Henne sacked by Woodley
False start Miami.
Big first down Miami.
But now there reviewing it.
I think it`s out of bounds.
But Miami`s getting the call.
Henne complete pass.
Bad snap and now it`s near the 40.
Woodley sacked Henne again.
Fair Catch called by Pittsburgh.
And it`s Halftime.
Reed`s kick goes to about the Miami 5 or 10.Williams from the 29 to the 33.Williams a few yard gained.
And White is Sacked by Timmons.
Logan from about his own 44 to the Miami 46.Medenhall 2,3,4 yards.Mendenhall short at the 40 yard line.Roethlisberger being tackled but throw`s incomplete.
And Miami is tackled at there own 10 yard-line.Williams about a 4 yard gain.And durty hit from Taylor on Williams.White run`s to the first down.Williams about 1 or 2 yards.Williams 6 yard gain.White throw`s short of the reciver.
And faire catch called by Logan at his own nine.Mendenhall afew yards.
And penaty for Miami first down Pittsburgh.
Mendenhall 6,7 yards.Incomplete to Holmes.
Pittsburgh timeout.
Roethlisberger runs to a first down.Ward first down.Mendenhall in-side the 10.
Timeout Pittsburgh.
Mendenhall 1 yard to the five.Fake pitch to Mendenhall and Miller to the 3.To the back of the end-zone for Miller T.D.Reed`s Extra Point goes thru the posts for 1 more.
From 2 yards into the end-zone to the 18.

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