Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A few days ago when the Vancouver Canucks hosted the Nashville Predators Alexandre Burrows got called for faceoff interference, enthen right when he hade the skring he got called by this Ref right here.

And Yesterday when Burrows clearly didn't do eneny thing the same Ref called a penalty for reason not even five minutes into the game!

But Burrows was doing some bad stuff before this hapend, but this Ref didn't see eneny of it!

And I got an idea for him because his first name is Stephane I call him stupid Stephane.

Give him a break stupid Stephane sence you're already here just give him a break next time you see him and stay there intill the Winter Olypic games Stupid Stephane!

And Burrows got fined $2,500!

And Burrows got knocked down by a Nashville player and he didn't surve 5 minutes for interference.
I call this Stupid Stephane vs. Fined Alexandre the best match-up EVER in HD!

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