Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark Mcgwire

A few days ago Mark Mcgwire admitted that he used steroids.

And maybe A-Rod and Mannywood were just trying to be like Mcgwire.

Mcgwire even talked to somebody about why he used Steroids.

Mcgwire said : He didn't use Steroids to get into the Hall of Fame, and he said he used them for something about his health.

Like that`s real.

Everyone except those with a healthy dose of skepticism and those that believe their eyes.McGwire was a player many young kids looked up to. Ballplayers of all ages were drawn to McGwire's towering home runs. Shots that never got more than a few feet higher than the fence and cleared it anyway.

This is a statement he should've made when he was in front of a Congressional hearing in 2005.He says he wasn't in a position to do so then.The St. Louis Cardinals gave him the opportunity. He now has the chance to become a mentor to a younger generation — and if his confession and apology are sincere (the timing of that confession on the heels of returning to the game makes it suspect), then he's ready for that role.

So Mark McGwire finally came clean and admitted what baseball fans have accepted as the truth since supplements were found in his locker back in the day — that he didn't play clean.

The former St.Louis Cardnal Mark Mcgwire said he didn't touch a full dose of Steroids, juice.

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