Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jays search for new pitcher

Right now the Toronto Blue Jays ar looking for a new pitcher and it could be Aroldis Chapman.

And there`s a rumor that the 21 year old could sign with the Toronto Blue Jays or the Los Angeles Angles of Anahiem.

And maybe the Angles wan't him to replace Nick Adenhart or Chone Figgins because of a car crash that kiled Adenhart as a Angles pitcher and just at the age of 22!
And every game they played with out Adenhart they hong his jersey-up in there dug-out and in there Dressing room every single game!
But the Jays need him more because the Halos already have a great closer in the name of Francisco Rodriguez and the Jays no logner have B.J Ryan as there closer combied the saves by Scott Downs and Jason Frasor combied just up to 20 saves and the Jays lost Doc to the Philies and Ryan to the Cubs.
And I think that the Jays need him more then the Angles.
here is a video of the of the car crash that Nick Adenhart was in

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