Sunday, January 31, 2010

What`s wrong with him?

The Boston Red Sox GM was very anxious.

Outside Fenway Park, the temperature was in the teens. Inside the Red Sox locker room, cartons were packed to ship to Florida.

"Scutaro Beltre Pants" was written on one in black marker.John Lackey/Mike Cameron was printed on another.

I don't understand why he`s so anxious they may have lost Bay but you still have Daisuke Matsuzaka, John Lackey and Jacoby Ellsbury so why is he so anxious?
The Red Sox lost offense when Bay, their leading home run hitter, signed as a free agent with the New York Mets. The left fielder fit in well with Boston soon after being acquired at the trade deadline in 2008 from the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Epstein is confident that the club's relations with third baseman Mike Lowell, who the Red Sox tried to trade, and right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka, who withheld details of an injury last season, are fine.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wang`s wanted everywere

Former New York Yankees hurler Chien-Ming Wang(notes) is recovering from shoulder surgery. His plan was to get back onto a big-league mound a few months into the 2010 season, but he's got "four or five" teams that are really trying to snag him, according to ESPN, and that's forced him to consider moving his timetable up.

All three teams the New York, the St.Louis Cardnals and the Los Angeles Dodgers are searching for a pitcher so Wang could be a pitcher for one of those teams or all of them sign with one sign with the other then the last one even thoight that wouldn't happen most likely. The 29-year-old may just end up signing a deal before Spring Training gets underway.

Wang gets a lot of groundballs so whichever team signs him needs to have some good infielders at work behind him.
Wang could sign before spring training with the New York Mets so two former rivals could become teammates and if you don't know who I'm talking about I'm talking about Jason Bay and Chien-Ming Wang.
Wang is "throwing without pain" and is on target to "make a major-league start sometime in the first two weeks of May.
Stark believes that the Mets could be the most appealing team for Wang as their "starting-pitching options are dwindling with spring training three weeks away."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

super bowl XLIV in less then two weeks!

In less then two weeks it`s Peyton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts vs. Drew Bress and his team from were hurricane Katrina hapend the New Orleans Saints.

This is the first time the Saints have made it to the Super Bowl in franchise history and they have been in the NFL for 41 or 31 years and this is going to be Super Bowl #44!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sens have a red hot winning streak

Right now the Ottawa Senators are on a 6 or 7 game winning streak and we'l see if they can keep up there winning streak when Daniel Alfredsson and the Ottawa Senators play Jamie Langenbrunner and the New Jersey Devils.



Friday, January 22, 2010

there back!

All four players Milan Michalek, Filip Kuba, Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza are all back into the line-up well not Spezza but he did skate at practice.

And Spezza`s post to play today against Slovakian Defenceman Zdeno Chara and the Boston Bruins.
And Michalek scored against the St.Louis Blues in there last game on the 21st.And in the same game the Rookie who has been taking over for Spezza Peter Regin has been on fire with at least 7-9 goals in the eight weeks he`s been gone and Alfredsson scored one or 2 goals since he came back.

Monday, January 18, 2010

they sould be back soon

You know what I wrote on one of my old posts ( sens injury problems ) well now Daniel Alfredsson`s back and Filip Kuba sould have played today but he didn't so Kuba sould be back soon and Milan Michalek and in the paper one day they said Jason Spezza sould be back by the Olympics but they were wrong because he sould be back by next week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sens goaltending

A few days ago Pascal Leclaire injured his head at practice and Rookie Mike Brodeur took over as Goaltender and there doing better with there roster.
And fireing Eli Wilson wasn't a bad idea at all.And calling up St.Piere and Smith and with a 3-2 lead over the Montreal Canadiens and Eliott on the bench they are on fire.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A few days ago when the Vancouver Canucks hosted the Nashville Predators Alexandre Burrows got called for faceoff interference, enthen right when he hade the skring he got called by this Ref right here.

And Yesterday when Burrows clearly didn't do eneny thing the same Ref called a penalty for reason not even five minutes into the game!

But Burrows was doing some bad stuff before this hapend, but this Ref didn't see eneny of it!

And I got an idea for him because his first name is Stephane I call him stupid Stephane.

Give him a break stupid Stephane sence you're already here just give him a break next time you see him and stay there intill the Winter Olypic games Stupid Stephane!

And Burrows got fined $2,500!

And Burrows got knocked down by a Nashville player and he didn't surve 5 minutes for interference.
I call this Stupid Stephane vs. Fined Alexandre the best match-up EVER in HD!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mark Mcgwire

A few days ago Mark Mcgwire admitted that he used steroids.

And maybe A-Rod and Mannywood were just trying to be like Mcgwire.

Mcgwire even talked to somebody about why he used Steroids.

Mcgwire said : He didn't use Steroids to get into the Hall of Fame, and he said he used them for something about his health.

Like that`s real.

Everyone except those with a healthy dose of skepticism and those that believe their eyes.McGwire was a player many young kids looked up to. Ballplayers of all ages were drawn to McGwire's towering home runs. Shots that never got more than a few feet higher than the fence and cleared it anyway.

This is a statement he should've made when he was in front of a Congressional hearing in 2005.He says he wasn't in a position to do so then.The St. Louis Cardinals gave him the opportunity. He now has the chance to become a mentor to a younger generation — and if his confession and apology are sincere (the timing of that confession on the heels of returning to the game makes it suspect), then he's ready for that role.

So Mark McGwire finally came clean and admitted what baseball fans have accepted as the truth since supplements were found in his locker back in the day — that he didn't play clean.

The former St.Louis Cardnal Mark Mcgwire said he didn't touch a full dose of Steroids, juice.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday they said the Cubian pitcher Aroldis Chapman didn't sign with the Los Angles Angles of Anahiem and he didn't agree a $23 Million dollar deal with the Toronto Blue Jays but he signed a $30 Million dollar deal with the Cincinnati Reds!

Prittie much every body was thinking: He`s gonna sign with the Jays or the Angles.But me and those people are wrong!

And I said get out of your building in Florida and in to Canada and bye the way don't chear for the Leafs.

Friday, January 8, 2010

11-5 vs. 11-5

It`s the 11-5 Philadelphia Eagles and the 11-5 Dallas Cowboys but it`s there first playoff game.
I say 17-14 for the Cowboys.
The starting Quarterbacks are gonna be Donavan McNabb and Tony Romo.
My dad think`s Philadelphia will win 20-17, but I think Dallas will win 17-14 in overtime!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bad match

Yesterday the Boston Bruins took on the Loud the Proud home of the Sens Army or you can call them the Ottawa Senators but I like to call them the Loud the Proud home of the Sens Army.

After Brian Elliott aloude a few goals so former Columbus Blue Jacket Pascal Leclaire took over as Goaltender for Elliott. And a point shot beat Elliott wich was his last chance to make a save for the hole game, enthen Leclaire aloude 0 goals and Ottawa scored but just once.
And the final would be 4-1 for Boston.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

win and help

This game stared with a touch and Roethlisberger thru a complete pass to Mike and Heins Ward and Mendenhall got a run.And Roethlisberger got sacked.And a great pass to Miller for a big gain and a big run.And Mendenhall fought his way to a first down and geting them in-side the Red-zone and Mendenhall got about a yard.Roethlisberger to Ward to the 10.Medenhall first down in-side the 10.Mendenhall about 2 yards.Incomplete to Miller in the back of the End-zone.TOUCHDOWN Pittsburgh Santonio Holmes 1 yard run to the house.Jeef Reed Extra Point is good.

Miami player tackled at his own 35.First down Miami.Henne about 8 yard gain on pass.First down Ricky Williams.Henne incomplete pass.Henne about a 5 yard gain.First down in-sidethe Steelers 30.5 or 6 yard gain on run for Miami.First down to Pittsburgh 11.TOUCHDOWN Miami BOO.Extra Point Miami.
Kick return to his own 33.Timeout Miami.Mendenhall to 39.Incomplete to Ward.Roethlisberger just short of first down.4th and inches.First down Pittsburgh.Mendenhall 2 or 3 yards.Roelisberger over mid field from his own 44 inside the five to the Rookie Mike Wallice touchdown.Reed Extra Point is good.
25 to 30 on kick Return.About to 36 for Miami at the end of the first quarter.A few Yards on run for Williams.First down Miami on passing play.5 or 6 yards gained holding Pittsburgh first down Miami.Incomplete.Another first down for Miami.Complete pass Taylor tackle`s him Williams a few yards.Over the middle to the 11.Williams to the 9.Williams to about the seven.Knocked down by William Gay at the goal line.Field goal is good Miami.14-10 Pittsburgh.
Injury sufred from pass.
Logan from the five out near mid field.Parker first down.Parker about 5 yards.Miller first down.Miami penalty declined.Roelisberger fumbled or did he.Pittsburgh Challenge`s because there reviewing if his arm got ahead.
I think it was incomplete.It`s incomplete.
Mendenhall from the Miami 32 to the six.
Dolphins call timeout.
Parker to about the 4.Tipped up at the goal-line.Incomplete to Moore.Field is good for Reed from 22 yards out on fourth & goal.
Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Miami Dolphins 10.
Miami put`s the knee down.INTERCEPTION Townsend!Roelisberger to Holmes Holmes Picked off!
Williams to about the 28.About a yard shy of the first down.First down Miami Henne under trouble throw`s to Williams behind the line.Pass to Mid field.Williams out of bounds.
Two minute Warning.
Henne sacked by Woodley
False start Miami.
Big first down Miami.
But now there reviewing it.
I think it`s out of bounds.
But Miami`s getting the call.
Henne complete pass.
Bad snap and now it`s near the 40.
Woodley sacked Henne again.
Fair Catch called by Pittsburgh.
And it`s Halftime.
Reed`s kick goes to about the Miami 5 or 10.Williams from the 29 to the 33.Williams a few yard gained.
And White is Sacked by Timmons.
Logan from about his own 44 to the Miami 46.Medenhall 2,3,4 yards.Mendenhall short at the 40 yard line.Roethlisberger being tackled but throw`s incomplete.
And Miami is tackled at there own 10 yard-line.Williams about a 4 yard gain.And durty hit from Taylor on Williams.White run`s to the first down.Williams about 1 or 2 yards.Williams 6 yard gain.White throw`s short of the reciver.
And faire catch called by Logan at his own nine.Mendenhall afew yards.
And penaty for Miami first down Pittsburgh.
Mendenhall 6,7 yards.Incomplete to Holmes.
Pittsburgh timeout.
Roethlisberger runs to a first down.Ward first down.Mendenhall in-side the 10.
Timeout Pittsburgh.
Mendenhall 1 yard to the five.Fake pitch to Mendenhall and Miller to the 3.To the back of the end-zone for Miller T.D.Reed`s Extra Point goes thru the posts for 1 more.
From 2 yards into the end-zone to the 18.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jays search for new pitcher

Right now the Toronto Blue Jays ar looking for a new pitcher and it could be Aroldis Chapman.

And there`s a rumor that the 21 year old could sign with the Toronto Blue Jays or the Los Angeles Angles of Anahiem.

And maybe the Angles wan't him to replace Nick Adenhart or Chone Figgins because of a car crash that kiled Adenhart as a Angles pitcher and just at the age of 22!
And every game they played with out Adenhart they hong his jersey-up in there dug-out and in there Dressing room every single game!
But the Jays need him more because the Halos already have a great closer in the name of Francisco Rodriguez and the Jays no logner have B.J Ryan as there closer combied the saves by Scott Downs and Jason Frasor combied just up to 20 saves and the Jays lost Doc to the Philies and Ryan to the Cubs.
And I think that the Jays need him more then the Angles.
here is a video of the of the car crash that Nick Adenhart was in

Friday, January 1, 2010

good game

Yesterday in the New Year`s eve classic two 3-0 teams were playing each other and were Canada and the United States of America.

In about the second period it was 3-2 or 4-3 but I do no Canada was on top.

And after a few goals they went to Overtime and that couldn't finish it so were going to a shotout 4-4.

And Canada scored to get the lead and the U.S.A was shutdown every time in the shotout they were stoped by Jake Allen and Canada is 4-0 and going to the Semifinals.