Wednesday, December 9, 2009

when`s Corey Cowick coming back?

Former Ottawa 67 Corey Cowick has been injured since the start of the season.He`s been the only man at the start of the season with a injury.But now he`s out with Dalton Smith.If I was the coach of Ottawa I would miss him.I mean a great player like him out of the line-up you would hate that right?
Cowick got sent back down from the the Senators.When he`s off the DL I would send him to the Sens.Because if where in the 1st round with Niagra Ice Dogs you would really need a guy like Cowick.I would put Cowick on line one with Martindale and Carnavale and sometimes with Tyler Tofoli, because he`s a key player like Martindale and like Tyler Tofoli.Or if he was with the Sens on line 1 taking Milan Machalek`s place on line 1 so he would be with Daniel Alfredsson and Jason Spezza.Or on line 2 going in the spot of Nick Foligno, Ryan Shannon or Alex Kovalev.
And once Cory Cowick`s ancle was right over me at a 67`s game!

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