Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today a really big announcement was announced.The big thing was if Roy ( Doc ) Halladay was going to the Philadelphia Philies, if Toronto got some rookies and if the Seattle Mariners where gonna get Cliff Lee.
( And the Toronto get`s rookies, Philadelphia get the doctor Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee`s in Seattle.
I'm really, really, really... sad that doc got traded.
The only reason Halladay wan't`s to leave Toronto is because... he wan't`s a chane to win a World Seris.If the Phils havent went to the World Seris both years he would have stade in Toronto.
And the players that Toronto arnt nearly as good as Roy ( The doctor ) Halladay.
If Halladay didn't have a no trade clause and I could diside I would say... NO.

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  1. Eric,

    Hang in there, pal! Trades are just part of the game. I know it must hurt to lose Doc to the Phillies, but the Jays got some good young players for you to learn about and grow with!

    It's About The Money