Thursday, December 31, 2009

WHAT! again

Yesterday at 11;00 a clock they started annoucing who was gonna be on team Canada`s Olypic men`s roster.And Mike Fisher didn't make as well Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St.Louis and Steven Stamkos!But here`s the roster Martin Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury, Roberto Luongo, Dan Boyle, Drew Doughty, Scott Niedermayer, Ryan Getzlaf, Joe Thorton, Dany Heatley boo, Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Toews, Mike Richards, Eric Staal, Jarome Iginla, Patrice Bergeron, Brent Seabrook, Shea Weber, Duncan Keith, Chris Pronger, Brenden Morrow, Rick Nash, Corey Perry and Sidney Crosby.

And Steve Yzerman and Mike Babcock and Working for team Canada and they both do or did a role for the Detroit Red Wings.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

will they cream Latvia?

Tonight in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon The World Junior Hockey Champions will take place as Canada play`s Latvia.

So fare Canada hasn't lost but Latvia I don't no and Canada has beat the Swedish players and the Czech Republic.

And Canada is looking for there 5th straight Champion chip in a roe.

And I'm wondering did eney 67's players make the team?
And the guy on the board play`s for Latvia.
And now that the game`s over Canada won 16-0.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sens vs. Pens

Yesterday when the Ottawa Senators took on the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Melon Arena or as some call it the [Egglue].
It was a game in the first but also in period one Daniel Alfredsson injured his sholder in a hit near the corner.
The 37 year old Captain from Swedan could be out for about 1 month and they say he also could miss 13 games with a sholder injury and will go on the injured list with Nick Foligno and Jason Spezza.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mayor of Saskachewan wear`s Alouettes jersey!

Yestersday or a few days ago Mayor of Saskatchewan wear a Montreal Alouettes jersey in church.And this is weird because wy because in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon it`s Roughrider nation people they can't count because with 01 second left in the 4th they got a to many man on the field penalty so it all come`s down to the Alts kicker and Anthony Callvillo and the Montreal Alouettes ar going home with the Grey Cup Baby!


This trade that i'm talking about might be final Melky Cabrera to the Atlanta Braves and Javier Vazquez.

Vazquez has 2253 strikeouts in his career being in 387 games, starting 385 games, 142 wins and losing 139 games.And Cabrera has been in 569 games and 1923 at-bats in his career.

And this could be a really good trade for the Bronx Bomers but this could effect the Braves with having Melky Cabrera but he dos have a few homers a year I mean he hits about 10-20 home runs pear season.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

who`s gonna win it?

I'm wodering wich team is going to win the 2010 World Seris.There six teams I think have a good chance of winning it the Boston Red Sox, the Seattle Mariners, the Jays, Bronx Bomers, the Halos and the Philies.

And the reason Joe Garardi is wearing number 28 not like last season when he wear #27 is because the Yanks ar going for there 28th title in 2010.

I hope the Jays ar going to win it.Not like last year when the Yankees won in Philadelphia when they beat former Blue Jay Matt Stairs and the Philies.
I asked my dad and he dosn't no because he said there`s still lot`s of free agents like Canadian Jason Bay.
Girardi did a baaaaaad thing.

Campbell was kiled

Yesterday on Monday night football Eli Manning and the New York Giants went to Washington to take on Jason Campbell and the Washington Redskins.

It wasin't a good game that`s for shear.

New York took over in the 1st quarter.

The closet the game got was 45-12!
And the final was about 48-12?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bein-town vs. Ottawa

Right now at Scotiabank place it`s the Boston Bruins visiting the Ottawa Senators live from Kanata.

There was durty hit from Zdeno Chara on Alexi Kovalev in the first period.

At the end of the first it was 0-0 and there was a few chances for Ottawa and Boston.
And now the is over Boston took it 2-0 but they didn't add a empty neter.

Skids versus Giants

Tonight at 7;30 it`s the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants.Ar Manning and the Giants gonna go home with win or ar Jason Campbell and the Redskins going home with the win?
I think New York will win by a field goal 31-28.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tom beat`s Terrell

Today it was Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the New England Patriots took on Trent Edwards, Terrell Owens and the Buffalo Bills.
I think the Patriots scored first because I didn't watch it.
But there is some great shots here.


Today the Chicago Bears took on the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens scored first touchdown of the game.And the 2nd.

But later on Joe Flacco thruw a long TD pass in to the endzone from about mid field with a defender touching him!

nice Big Ben

Earlyer today Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers visited Ben Roethlisberger and the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the 4th quarter it was 28-27 but then Jeef Reed kickt a field goal to tie it up.But after the Packers hade the lead 36-30 but then there was alot of flags and most of them where against the Packers and that led to two Pittsburgh first downs enthen with 3 seconds left Ben Roethlisberger throu a pass to the rookie Mike Wallice how just planted both his feet in the endzone it was a close play so they hade a booth rewiew and the call on the field staned wich led to a Jeef Reed extra point to win it with 00 seconds left.

So the Steelers have a chance to make them 7-7 and at that record they have a chance to make the playoffs.

big battle


Today there was a game when the Ottawa 67`s went to Brampton to play the Brampton Battalion.

Ottawa striket first and they scored second and third and 4th but then the Battalion scored 3 times and there only down by one.

Enthen Ottawa added a empty neter to win it 5-3.