Friday, September 4, 2009


In Pena`s career he has playd for the Rangers,Tigers,Athletics,Tigers,Tigers,Tigers,Red Sox,Rays,Rays and the Rays rit now in 09.And now he is leading the A.L in homers and his career homers ar 3,12,7,18,27,18,1,46,31and now he has 39.He is a real Power Hitter.And this is 10th year in the Big Leagues and hes never been with a N.L team.But you now ther is more power hitting 1st baseman like Fielder,Pujols,Texira,Swisher,Martinez,Howard and Youkillis.

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  1. I remember when Pena hit a walk off homer for the A's in the second game of 2002. I was in the stands. It was very exciting. I wish it would have worked out for him right away back then so maybe we would have held onto him. Could really use a hitter like him now.