Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the wild card race

Right now the teams that ar the 2 best in the AL wild card ar Texas and Boston.But you now the Yankees ar even better then the wild card and they have more then 60 wins!And in the NL the Giants ar 64 and 54 and the Rockies ar 65 and 53.So the Rockies ar first in the NL wild card and San Francisco is in 2nd in the wild card in the National League.


  1. And the Giants and the Rockies are playing each other this weekend, Eric. So do the Yankees and Red Sox, and the Rays and the Rangers too! Teams in the race playing each other, doesn't get much better than that.

  2. I have to like Texas or Tampa Bay in the AL, even though I'm a Boston fan. They're just younger and hungrier, and Boston has trouble with both of them.

    The Rockies are my NL wild pick, but they could overtake L.A., which would make the Dodgers the wild ones.

  3. I really like how the Wild Card gives more teams a chance at the playoffs and makes thin time of year exciting for fans in those cities.