Monday, August 24, 2009

will Hill bom 35?

Rit now Aaron Hill is on a tear with 29 sots 81 RBIs.And today Barajas hit a grand slam!Adam Lind allso on a tear 24 HRs 64 RBI.And Wells not so good.But for a rockie Snider`s rely good and for a vetaren Ruiz is good allso.And David Ortiz a DH teammate Martiniz a cacher has more homers then Big Popie.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snider and Ruiz ar back

Because Alex Rios went to the White Sox.An then Toronto sent down Inglett and braut up Snider and now they have Ruiz and Snider at the Major League level.And B.J. Upton is using a minor league glove!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the wild card race

Right now the teams that ar the 2 best in the AL wild card ar Texas and Boston.But you now the Yankees ar even better then the wild card and they have more then 60 wins!And in the NL the Giants ar 64 and 54 and the Rockies ar 65 and 53.So the Rockies ar first in the NL wild card and San Francisco is in 2nd in the wild card in the National League.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joe Inglett and Alex Rios

Joe Inglett is going to play more because Rios has been tradid to the White Sox.The jays just wanted to get rit of Alex.But the Jays can bring up Travis Snider back or you have can have Bautista,Wells and Inglett as all of out fieid but thers allso Lind and you give 1 of am a day off.And I wander wat hapind to Dellucci?

Monday, August 10, 2009

will Hill hit forty?

Aaron Hill has 26 homers rit now.But now the question is for me its will he at least he hit 30 or 35?And thers another player that mit hit 40, Adam Lind and thes have 2 teammates that ar strugling OF Alex Rios and OF Vernon Wells allso P Roy Halladay has been strugling.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Edwin Encarnacion+John Mcdonald

John Mcdonald,Edwin Encarnacion and Marco Scutaro its most likele that thies 3 Jays will play 3B sans Rolen got tradid to the Reds. Som ar saing Rolen wans to be closser to home but I dont see Adam Lind leving the Jays and geting closser to India.And Ron it lacks like Edwin Encarnacion will play 3B for the Jays.

My first MLB game

My first MLB game was the Yankees vs the Blue Jays.I'v been to som Ottawa Rapids games + and there old baseball team.I'v been in Toronto 2 times but the Jays have lost 2 times and won 1 time. But ther is 1 thing that like in Ottawa you bearlie get annie CAN-AM baseball on tv.And My first MLB game the Toronto won 4-1.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rolen to Reds

Scott Rolen has been tradid to the Reds som saod he wans to be closser to his home India.He tradid for two Pichers and one 3rd baseman.He had 8 homers soo mabbe it was a good tradid. But Scott Downs he cood levve and theyve allradie gott ritt of B.J.