Monday, July 27, 2009

Raul Ibaniez

Raul Ibaniez is having a very very good season for Phiadalfia Philies Ibaniez the LF was tradid from the Seatille Mariners to the Philies. He mostle bats number 7,6 or 5 he has about 22 homers amoust as manie homers as All-Star and blue jay Second baseman wis 24 home runs 2B Aaron Hill.And romers about 2 teammates been tradid. P Roy Halladay and CF Vernon Wells. Is Halladay tradid he soad be tradid to a NL! Team it soad be the Philies or the Cubs.AL to NL wow!


  1. Go Phillies!!! And boo Blue Jays - ask about 1993 - it still hurts us Phillies fans!

  2. I live in Seattle and I am a Mariner's fan. Raul Ibanez hit well when he played for the Mariners, but he was not a good outfielder. His bad defense cancelled out his good hitting, so he didn't make the Mariners any better.