Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what's wrong with the jays

Wen me and my famliy went to toronto the 2nd time the Jays lost to the Indians 5-4.On satarday the Blue Jays blou what cod a been a win! Ther team was ahad 8-0!On satarday it was 12 innings and wen thea playd the Indians 9.On satarday it was all thaks to Scott Downs in the 9th.And in this 3 game sait in the 1st game the Jays dafidid King Felix and hes staff.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Raul Ibaniez

Raul Ibaniez is having a very very good season for Phiadalfia Philies Ibaniez the LF was tradid from the Seatille Mariners to the Philies. He mostle bats number 7,6 or 5 he has about 22 homers amoust as manie homers as All-Star and blue jay Second baseman wis 24 home runs 2B Aaron Hill.And romers about 2 teammates been tradid. P Roy Halladay and CF Vernon Wells. Is Halladay tradid he soad be tradid to a NL! Team it soad be the Philies or the Cubs.AL to NL wow!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

rays vs jays

On july 25 2009 I got 2 balls from 1 Blue Jay game.I got the firt ball from BP and the game and cather Raul Chavez and I got to go on to field to run the bases and it wos Adam Lind babill heed day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adam LaRoche

Ok Adam LaRoche has bien tradid to the Boston Red Sox tacking Mike Lowell out of the lineup for a wiel and allso moving Kevin Youkollis over to third base.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is a hard question the CBJ tradid Pascal Lecleire to my home team the Ottawa Senators for Antoire Vermette. Hard question han.

the Ny Yankees

The Yankees have very good offense.Of SS Derek Jeter LF Johnny Damon 3B Alex Rodriguez And 1B Mark Teixeira same thing for defense. SS Derek Jeter 3B Alex Rodriguez and RP and CP Mariano Rivera. Ritt now the New York Yankees ar tide for 1 st in the AL east and last night thea hade a walk of win agenst the oriles on a solo homer by Heidedi Matsui.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I crushed the ball today

Today july 19 2009 I playd baseball Me, My brodther and My Dad. Ok after I fieldid my dad pitched I hit it past the bike rack.An then I hit it in to the sand box and all most past the end of the monkey bars!

the 2009 mlb all-star game

The MLB All-Star game represents the American leugue `s best players and the same for the N.L.In the top of the first inning Albert Pujols could've turned an inning ending doudle play. And all-star second baseman Aaron Hill should have his first kid in 3 weeks and this was his first time he made it into the all-star game. And no surprise teammate Roy Halladay made it to the All-Star game but for the first time the Doctor started for the A.L in the All-Star game.And surprisingly Home-run derby champion Prinse Fielder only got one at bat!The A.L won 4-3.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brandon Leugue,Ricky Romero and Roy Halladay

The top 3 pichers for the Toronto Blue Jays SP( Roy Halladay), SP( Ricky Romero) and LRP and RP( Brandon Leugue ).Ther piching has bien out standing!Tomaro Roy Halladay is starting aganst Jon Lester.

will vernon be tradid?

Teammates Vernon Wells and Roy Halladay the Doctor`s medicine has cierd the Toronto Blue Jays now the question is will vernon be tradid?I have a t-sirt with number 10 Wells.Halladay and Wells ar My favrit playrs.

will Dany Heatley be tradid to the oilers?

dany heatley sum people ar talking about him being tradid but the question is will he tradid to the oilers heater stardid his career with the aklanta thrasers and want to the ottawa senators but now the question is will he go to the oilers?

Friday, July 17, 2009

will the doctor be tradid?

the doctor roy halladay sum people ar talking about roy {doc} halladay is halladay wants to mabie he mitt want to go he mitt and is cito agres he ceud be tradid is halladay gits tradid he seod go to the philies or the cubs hes playd for toronto his holl career my dad things he seod be tradid and my mom things he seod sta in toronto and my brodther things he seod be tradid and i thing halladay seod be tradid my name is eric and my dad peter delete his old blog a baseball geek and madit it sports station 2 my mom`s name is jennier and my brodther`s name is joseph

the new yankee stadium

ok the new yankee stadium is really cool and i might go on a privit jet ther to si the toronto blue jays play the new york yankees at the yankee stadium is me and my famly win the contest im a rookie blogger and i really like blogging

the doctor rules

my favorite sport is when its baseball season its baseball and when its hockey season its hockey. my best best best best friend is Tristan and best best best friend is Joe but not my brother. my best best friend is Ethan. my best friend is dejan.

The Doctor Rules

The Jays are my favorite baseball team.

The MLB All-Star Game is my favorite baseball game of the year.